James Monroe High School Law & Government Magnet

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Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum is among the most challenging and dynamic offered anywhere, and we customize individual schedules to accommodate all applicants.

9th Grade
English 9A/9B (Honors offered)
Biology A/B
Math (all levels offered)
Foreign Language, Life skills, or Health World History
Physical Education/Team Sport

10th Grade
English 10A/B (AP offered)
Math (all levels offered)
Foreign Language
Advanced Biology and Chemistry A/B Constitutional Law A/B
Physical Education/Team Sport

11th Grade
American Literature A/B (AP offered) Contemporary Composition (Honors/AP offered) Math (all levels offered)
Chemistry A/B (AP offered)
Physics A/B
US History A/B (Honors offered)
Criminal Law/Policies and Procedures

12th Grade
Exposition and Composition/Elective (AP offered) Visual/Performing Art
Physics A/B
AP Environmental Studies and Urban Ecology International Relations
Math (all levels offered)