James Monroe High School Law & Government Magnet

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Monroe High School's Law and Government Magnet is one of the best-kept secrets in LAUSD.
Our interdisciplinary approach to learning creates an exciting and unique learning environment that focuses on various aspects of the legal profession. Besides promoting civic reponsibility, our curriculum develops critical thinking through trials, debates, historical simulations, internships, and community-service opportunities. Along with our dedicated faculty, these group projects foster the sense of community and support found at a small school, but with all of the amenities only a large high school campus can offer.
Our teachers and staff provide a college preparatory program that offers students the rigorous coursework necessary for them to attain their career goals, whether they lie within the law or some other field of study. Every year our students continue to gain admittance to the best colleges in the counrty, while earning the scholarships to make such an education possible. More than that, our students thrive at these elite institutions because we have helped them develop the writing, speaking and social skills necessary for success.
Our graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in the law, as well as other professions like medicine, social work, education, architecture, computer programming, engineering, and entertainment.
Whether you seek a career in the law or just want to know how our laws and government work, Monroe's Law and Government Magnet is the best place in LAUSD to begin that process.